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A shuddering flash illuminated everything around it. People could see for miles around: the sky was ablaze. Confusion reigned, before giving way to wonderment and awe. A new star had been born to these shores. The night skies of London, never dull, had rarely been as radiant as they were on the night of Charles Bosco’s arrival from his distant native soil of Colombo, Sri Lanka, at the tender age of one. It was to herald the beginning of a new age in musical entertainment: in the years to come, Charles would change the musical landscape of London and the UK setting the benchmark for his peers in a manner few could anticipate.

Over the years, the star has burned with growing intensity. Charles retained a raw, natural ability from his homeland – the jewel in the crown of the Indian Ocean, but as he grew up in the cultural melting pot of London, he infused his instinctive, indigenous talent with the sounds that surrounded him… a symphonic sponge absorbing all that is brilliant from the countless influences floating around his head. But his talent is not the sole product of osmosis and natural flair. Oh, no. Just as maestros, scattered through the sands of time have taken direction from their own masters, Charles, too, learned from the best, embarking on the sonic voyage that has brought him to where he is today: a composer, producer, arranger, mixing engineer and vocal arranger of the utmost caliber.

A prodigious talent, Charles spent his childhood acquiring instrument after instrument. Since the age of seven, his education in the musicianship of his homeland has continued. It is as though the boy from Sri Lanka has taken a slice of the paradise island and reinvented it in his own mould, splicing it with the cosmopolitan air of his adopted land: the exoticism of the east, with the sophistication of London. At his local Tamil School Association, Aruna Udhayam, Charles excelled at the mystical carnatic vocals, guided by the wizened hand of Sugirthakala Kadatcham. His quest to perfect the ancient art led him to another old master: A.S. Murali, following schooling at the Academy Of Fine Arts. Miruthangam. Veena. The list of instruments at Charles’ disposal is seemingly endless.

His enduring relationship with the tabla began, too, at Aruna Udhayam, but ever in pursuit of perfection, he advanced himself with R.N. Prakash and Sri R.R. Prathap. From the locally celebrated Mr Hatty, he took drums. At the knee of the renowned Sarangan Sriranganathan, he took his apprenticeship in keyboards, continuing his meteoric ascent through the ranks of London’s prestigious Trinity College of Music, where he honed his proficiency in Western music to complement his already mature South Indian compositional skills.

And so it unfolded. The star that burned bright in the London sky all those years ago only gained in effervescence as time rolled on. Charles is one of today’s worldliest artists; the very embodiment of East meets West. By retaining his cultural ancestry and fusing it with modernity, he has established himself as the Crown Prince of an international music scene. He is contemporaneous, yet respectful to the past. Charles Bosco is not a revisionist; he is a revolutionary, and his stellar back catalogue is the living proof. The chart success he has enjoyed is only the tip of the iceberg: the culmination of years of hard work..

He first started producing records at the age of sixteen and as you would expect, has worked across genres, styles, colours and codes. Charles is intrinsic to the ‘up and coming’ scene and has lent his name to recordings by many known artists. The eclectic nature of his collaborators underscores just how global and in demand Charles’ production is.

The launch of his own Bosco Studios has given Charles the platform from which to offer a uniquely creative ear to those seeking fine-tuning or fresh ideas. The list of artists to have enlisted his help is as long as your arm; and it’s not limited to raw talent. He has produced album tracks for many South Indian playback artists (strengthening his links to the region) and his affiliation with Mr Skillz at Big Boyz has seen him rubbing shoulders with the stars (Jamelia, Lemar, Fenix, Big Brovaz). It’s likely to be a taste of things to come, with greater things looming on the horizon, beginning with his ventures into film.

The cinematic nature of his sound has attracted the attentions of Not2BMissed Ltd, a company devoted to producing movie/game soundtracks. He’s been sighted on location in South India, too, supplying soundtracks for features there. Versatility is a virtue that’s all too often thin on the ground. Luckily for Charles, it’s one he possesses in abundance.

But if there was any further evidence needed that Charles Bosco is at the top of his game; that the shooting star is not only still rising, but destined to take to the stratosphere; then it comes in the shape of chart success: elusive to many, but a natural progression for a select few. As well as producing tracks that have been at Number One on the BBC Asian Network Chart, he has also shot to as high as Top Ten on BBC Radio One. For the boy who swapped the white sands of the Indian Ocean for the bustling metropolis of London, the sky, it would seem, is the limit.

“Charles Bosco is clearly a fearless producer who makes music without geographical or cultural boundaries. Yalla Bina being a perfect example of this seamlessly interweaving tamil and arabic music together to create an anthem in the making.”
– Nihal, BBC Radio 1

“Showed musical talent from a very young age, prodigious almost. His eclectic blend of melody, instrumentation and rhythm make his productions stand out, whether the artiste is African, European or Asian. Young, hungry and innovative, he has a very bright future in the mainstream music world.”
– Ashanti Omkar, Cineworld

“We are proud to see Charles grow since small age and to see that he is now one of the best Sri-Lankan music producers around just makes us even happier”
– Kannan, Cinecity


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